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About Us


In the summer of 2021 the idea that Kyle had to make an Orlando Magic podcast started to form. The show began with 2 shows that never made air (but are available on our Patreon!). Starting with show 3 the cousins started to do the show via Zoom with Pich' living in Boston at the time. 

In January of 2022 the cousins took to Orlando for two games against the Lakers and Bulls. They got to go on the court after the game with a group and cut down the net. In the process they spoke with and got autographs from David Steele, Jeff Turner and earlier Nick Anderson and Dante Marchitelli. They spread the word with stickers, and conversations with any Magic fan that would listen.

Then in March The Pich' moved to Bridgeport and the boys began work on the studio where the show is currently filmed. Later they added Card Cousins as well with sports cards being opened with their usual banter along with it.

The next chapters are still being written in this still relatively small book to this point... pun intended... relatively... get it?


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Editor-in-Chief / Co-Host / Studio Owner

Kyle Langan

AKA: Red Lettuce

Social Media Legend / Co-Host / Ebay Sales Lead

Jason Piche

AKA The Pich' (Peesh), Father of Dragons

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